The experienced staff at Legacy has over one-hundred combined years of experience in the design and manufacture of electrical power generation—consumers and control switch gear. At Legacy, we know that many of our customers already have proven integration and manufacturing companies that have been used over many years.

One of the strong points in dealing with Legacy is that our marketing goals are to ensure total customer satisfaction. To help achieve this goal, Legacy has developed a strategy of providing engineering and customer support for total system designs. Simply put, this means that Legacy can be contracted in the initial stages of a conceptual project to provide engineering design and project oversight services to the customer during the construction and startup phases.

Many situations can occur in a project where different vendors are supplying both mechanical and electrical subsystems that follow along the projects critical time line for completion. Legacy’s design services allow our engineers to answer directly back to the customer for coordination of the vendors and initiating spot inspections to ensure all subsystems are on time and delivered as per design.


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