“ANNOUCEMENT OF COMPANY STATUS Due to market conditions with fiscal years 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, the shareholders of Legacy decided to cease operations in early February the first quarter of this year 2018.

A contributing factor to the shareholder decision was Mr. Rembach, while performing work in the Arctic, was seriously injured resulting in his family based decision not to perform field engineering in the future. All other shareholders had previously made a similar decision (not to leave Houston area for Legacy field engineering work) and thus the previous decision(s) placed clients in a difficult position when immediate service was required without Mr. Rembach’s continued client support efforts.

For clients with existing Legacy systems needing parts, please contact Doug Keith or Jason Moore at their new company, opened before closure of Legacy and initially operated from the Legacy offices, at Dynamic Power and Controls LLC, Cypress Texas.

Dynamic Power and Controls LLC also has most all the Legacy tools, Legacy specialized tooling and machines as well as most of the Legacy parts inventory.”

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